Our Footprint

PACE Career Centre was founded in 1991 and has become recognised, both locally and internationally, as a leader in the field of career guidance on the African sub-continent.

Our work span the following sectors:

  • High Schools

    More than 2,500 high schools nationally that make use of the PACE software for career guidance. There is no charge for this software which is sent out to schools each year. This project was launched in 2006. We estimate that approximately 750,000 learners use this program every year.

    There are approximately 1,000 schools nationally that use the PACE paper resources to offer career guidance. These resources are purchased by either the provincial education departments to give to schools or by schools directly.

  • Primary Schools

    PACE has initiated the Career Dress-Up Day programme into primary schools. This programme is run across 12,000 primary schools around the country.

    This programme is funded by PACE Career Centre. On a certain day each year all grade 7 learners go to schools dressed up in the career that they want to be one day. Carer Dress-Up Day is now part of the annual school calendar.

    PACE has developed a curriculum aligned workbook to assist learners and educators in meeting their curriculum requirements. This book is made available free of charge to schools.

    Career Dress-Up Day is now being internationalised.

    For more information go to http://www.careerdressupday.com

  • Department of Basic Education

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE) use PACE extensively to train Life Orientation educators to offer career guidance to learners. Since 2004 PACE has trained well over 2,000 educators to provide classroom based career guidance.

    Over the years PACE has made huge contributions of free resources to the DBE and has helped in developing the curriculum for the ‘World of Work’ component of Life Orientation.

  • South African Qualifications Authority

    PACE Career Centre was awarded the contract to develop the National Career Advice Portal for South Africa. This was an R11,000,000 contract and took 18 months to complete.

    The portal is a flagship government project. It was completed within budget and within the allotted time frame.

  • Department of Higher Education and Training

    PACE Career Centre has been awarded several contracts by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

    The most recent of which has been to develop the ‘Competency Framework for Career Development Practitioners” in South Africa. This competency framework will regulate the provision of career development activities in the country and has now been published in the Government Gazette by the Minister for Higher Education.

  • Department of Labour

    In 2005 PACE was awarded the contract as the “lead training provider” for the expanded public works programme. The contract ran for two years and resulted in well over 100,000 individuals receiving career guidance.

    In addition to this work, PACE has trained the employment services practitioners at all labour centres throughout the country. The department uses the PACE career resources during their daily advisory operations.

    In 2016 PACE developed an online career information and guidance system for the Department of Labour to compliment the National Job Seekers Portal.

  • Non-Profit Organisations

    In order to build career guidance delivery in a country PACE trains and resources Non-Governmental agencies as well as Non-Profit Organisations to offer career guidance to the communities which they serve.

    Much of this support takes place in the form of sponsorship.

  • National Youth Development Agency

    Since its inception, initially as the National Youth Commission, later as Umsobomvu and now more recently as the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), PACE established a relationship with the NYDA where we train their staff in the youth centres and make resources available to them so that they can offer career guidance to the communities they serve.

  • Department of Correctional Services

    The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) has a strong focus on inmate rehabilitation through education. A key component of the DCS education strategy is to ensure that inmates have a realistic and achievable career plan that can facilitate their re-entry into society. PACE has trained prison educators and resourced these prisons with career-related materials so that inmates can have access to career guidance.

  • Department of Science and Technology

    The Department of Science and Technology (DST) commissioned PACE to design and produce their Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) publication which is distributed to schools, universities, labour centres and other institutions frequented by young people. The DST print approximately 20,000 copies of this publication annually.

    To view a sample of this publication, please follow this link.

  • International Footprint

    PACE has a strong presence and a solid reputation in the international career guidance community. PACE hosted the International Career Guidance Conference in 2010 which was attended by over 600 delegates from 31 countries.

    PACE has developed the Commonwealth Secretariat career guidance portal that serves citizens from the 31 small states of the Commonwealth. This can viewed here.

    In addition to this, PACE, through its ‘Gostudy’ brand, is creating a career guidance portals for various countries in Africa and around the globe. The purpose is to improve access to education and promote internationalisation of education.

  • Universities

    PACE assists universities with their marketing, recruitment and outreach programmes. Over 80% of all public higher education institutions in South Africa use PACE in this regard.

    PACE has also trained a significant number of university student recruiters and marketers to offer career guidance, as these university representatives are very often the first contact that school learners ever have with career guidance and advice.

    PACE Career Centre also trains undergraduate education students on career guidance delivery.

  • Libaries

    As part of PACE’s career guidance infrastructure development programme, we have trained librarians in all Johannesburg libraries to offer career guidance services. The libraries purchase resources from PACE and we offer the training.

    The greatest benefit to the library is that this encourages young people to visit the library, which is a primary mandate for libraries. Libraries serve as an excellent infrastructure for career guidance delivery and PACE is now rolling this process out to other municipalities.

  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges Collages

    PACE has done an enormous amount of work with TVET colleges over the past 9 years. This work has focused on developing early recruitment and proper placement processes.

    Currently, over 60% of TVET colleges in South Africa make use of the PACE academic placement tests. PACE has trained TVET college staff to administer the tests and interpret the results. PACE is now in the process of training these members of staff to also administer the PACE career counselling course so that a qualitative interaction with prospective students and parents can take place.

  • South African Career Development Association

    PACE Career Centre through its founder set up the South African Career Development Association (SACDA) to serve as a professional body and to set qualitative standards for all those providing Career Development Services in South Africa.

  • South African Career Development Association

    PACE Career Centre has developed a database of Career Development Practitioners in South Africa. This is a free service offered to Career Development Practitioners where they can promote their services.

    The database can be accessed through this link.

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